5 Uses for your Grass Trimmings


5 Uses for your Grass Trimmings

Many people like to mow their lawns during the growing season and we encourage this from our clients. We understand that sometimes it doesn’t make financial sense for us to come to your house every week so we can work with you to fill in the gaps in your schedule to make sure you lawn is taken care of.

For those of you that do like to care for your own lawn, we have provided a list of 6 things you can do with your grass trimmings after mowing. Rather then loading up your trash can with stinky grass or leaving the trimmings all over your yard, you can use your chopped grass for various uses:

Make a Weed Barrier

Distribute the clippings around the base of your plants in your garden bed. You can use various materials to supplement the grass – Wood Chips, cardboard, newspaper, and even shredded junk mail. This will discourage weed growth by keeping the seeds away from the soil. In addition, nutrients from the decomposed grass will fall back into the soil. Just lay it on thick around the plants but not too much around the base of the plant.

Make Grass Infused Oil Aroma

In a similar vein as the previous suggestion, if you can transfer the scent of infinite botanicals into a natural carrier oil such as almond oil, why should your grass clippings be off limits? Friendly reminder – freshly mowed grass actually smells great and will make your home smell herbaceously irresistible!

Make a Natural Fertilizer

Here’s a secret that local lawn maintenance companies don’t want you to know, because once you catch wind of it, you’ll stop paying them big bucks to chemically douse every last blade of your emerald green carpet. You can achieve a pretty darned fantastic fertilizing effect at absolutely no cost by allowing your clippings to decompose directly on the turf itself. The lovely thing about this process is that it’s easy to do and if followed consistently, it will infuse approximately two pounds of Nitrogen into every 1000 square feet that it is applied to.

Create your own garden compost

You can buy a compost bin and add grass clippings and old food, fruit, veggies and let it sit. Add in a little bit of soil and it will cook itself into a natural rich fertilizer that you can use for any type of plants.

Create Home Made Grass Paper

DIY enthusiasts – you’ve made your own paper before, right? While the process is a bit time consuming, the final product is totally fulfilling and entirely earthy, so don’t you think it’s high time that you incorporated fresh grass into the mix for a punch of texture and naturally pleasing scent?