How to cut your grass

The art of cutting your grass is relatively easy but often overlooked or taken for granted. If you have never had a lawn to cut, this is likely something you never learned. The basics are simple and straight forward. Follow these guidelines and you will be good to go.

Cutting your grass is easy but takes a bit of work and know how. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

1. Set your blade height
Your mower will have a blade height setting which may ether be on he blade it self or on the wheels or the mower. You will want to set this to the middle setting when starting off. Cutting too low will damage the soil from the soon and is just not healthy for the grass. Cutting it too long defeats the purpose of why you are cutting it.

2. Cut in Rows or stripes
The safest pattern for a beginner is in straight lines along the sides. This will keep your rows even and keep you cutting straight lines to ensure you catch all those blades without missing parts.

3. Circle any obstacles
When you reach an obstacles in the lawn, make sure you circle it a few times. This will make sure you catch all of the spots and will also look good.

4. Check the Bag Often. One thing that can ruin your lawn is to let the catching bag get too full. Then clumps of grass begin falling into freshly cut rows which can cause the grass that the clumps fall on to die.

5. Cut Often. Cutting your lawn often is the best way to encourage it to grow lush and full. Cutting too often is simply a waste of effort and materials. Once every week or so should be plenty for most climates.