Fall Lawn Preparation


Fall is the down-time for your lawn and it’s time to start preparing for it. By now your plants are shedding foliage to modify their nutrient requirements and throttle their intake to maintain thorough the winter months. Your grass will slow growth to a creep and stay intact. This doesn’t mean you should stop watering it, but you want to water it less so not to over saturate the plants.

You should keep debris off your grass such as leaves and other dead plants because if you kill the grass in certain areas, it’s going to be harder to bring back in the spring.

Here is a list of items you should check:

Apply appropriate herbicides to broad leaf weeds
Make sure your soil pH is correct
Dethatch your lawn (this just means purge the dead plants and grass from the lawn)
It’s a good idea to run a vacuum or blower through
Drain the fuel from your lawn equipment

Keep in mind the temperature. If we have a warm fall, the grass may need more TLC an water. If cold, just leave it alone.