How to seed your lawn properly

We all know sod is the quickest way to set-up grass, but you can save a lot of money with a little extra work with seeding. Seeding your lawn is much easier if you take care of these five things:

Proper Timing

Because Baton Rouge has doesn’t quite have a 4 season climate, your window is planting is wider but it’s generally best to plant in fall in August-September or in spring March-April but you will have more weed competition and needing to exterminate weeds. The problem with this is weed killer sprays are not good for the new grass. We suggest planting in the fall for best odds of success.

Soil preparation.

For best results, have your soil tested before you seed your lawn. Then follow through on all the recommended amendments. Fertile soil makes all the difference. Also, make sure you till the soil properly if you are planting on harder dirt and a layer of fresh soil will also increase your chances.

Careful watering.

Soak the soil before you spread the grass seed. After you’ve spread the seed, keep it moist until it germinates, and then continue daily watering. Once the new grass is an inch tall, the we recommends cutting back to watering every other day, and then to every third day after two weeks.

Care with chemicals.

A word of caution about weeds: killer sprays and solutions of chemicals don’t mix well with new lawns. Your best bet is to wait till your new lawn is mature and then use your arsenal to tackle those weeds–killer chemicals, or just

Stay off the yard!

You can mow your new lawn when it needs it, but save the football games for next season.