Tree & Hedge Trimming

Manicured trees, hedges and bushes will compliment a beautiful lawn.

Trimming hedges and small bushes is essential in promoting their optimal health because it allows them to receive maximum sunlight and water. In addition, you can also keep your house and pathways clear of low hanging branches or over growth hedges.

Pruning and trimming of trees and plants requires extra care so they continue to grow properly and vital parts are not cut or damaged. By leaving this up to us, we will ensure your plants look great and give your yard that extra appeal.

Pruning your trees & plants is important for a few reasons: to increase their life, improve their growth and health, encourage flower and fruit development, protect people from falling debris, and to keep the debris off the ground.

Often mid-spring to late summer is the best time to prune your plants as they heal much faster and can withstand the trauma.