Baton Rouge Weed Control & Spray Services

Weeds are the most annoying and invasive part of having a garden or lawn. They pop up from no where and if left for a week or two after a rain and you will have hours of work.

We don’t want you to spend hours on your knees pulling weeds only to have to repeat your work the next month. Give us a call, we do this for a living and would love to take care of your lawn or garden. We will pull all of your weeds and spray after to ensure future weeds are kept at bay.

We pay special attention to garden and your landscapes plants to ensure no damage is done.

Weed Services

We have a team dedicate to weed removal and can tailor monthly plans that fit your weed growth needs that will help reduce your lawn maintenance costs. We guarantee your satisfaction. Some of our weed control services:

  • Garden weed control
  • Pasture weed control
  • Lawn care weed control
  • Vegetable garden weed control
  • Control in flower beds
  • Chemical weed control

Let us know if you need any other services to relating to weeds to have any questions. Thank you