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Southern Lawn Care Weekly Maintenance Baton Rouge


Over 15 years in business in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we are a local lawn care company that knows the ins and outs of the industry. The lawn mowing business thrives in Louisiana’s warm summer months and there are plenty of yard with grass to trim. Because of this you have high volume cutting operations and the industry has 1000s of mowers running around town claiming to provide a great service. Only to find out they don't have the capacity and the processes or operations to do a good job and continue premium service. 


We understand in order to continue growing our business, we need to take extra great care of our clients. When searching for a lawn care company or lawn service companies, you should keep several factors in mind to determine their quality of service. We have been in business for years, have a satisfied customer base, and provide a range of services.

We don’t claim to be the cheapest company in town, but we do claim to provide the best lawn maintenance in town. Referrals make up 80% of our business so we are in the business of getting referrals by pleasing our customers. We will provide a personal guarantee to leave you happy with our services. We offer several other services accompany mowing, which you can view below.

We manage both commercial and  residential accounts for lawn maintenance and various landscaping baton rouge jobs.

If you look at our service area, you can see all of the cities surrounding Baton Rouge Metro area that we provide weekly maintenance. 

Our Services


We come to your house and provide our basic services: mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing. We provide consistent service and leave your yard looking beautiful. We also provide other landscaping services.


We come to your house and provide our basic services: mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing. We provide consistent service and leave your yard looking beautiful. We also provide other landscaping services.



We offer a complete cutting service with special attention to the direction of our cuts to leave your grass looking exceptional.


Weed Control

We will pull all of your weeds and spray for preventative measures



Along with every cut, we provide a complete edge. A clean edge will an unparalleled finished look once serviced. Proper Edging is worth it.


Tree & Hedge 

We trim trees, bushes, and hedges to form and shape them as requested.


Line Trimming

A  line trim with the correct slope will compliment your cut grass and clean edge. Grass is different in it’s appeal and we cut accordingly.


 Leaf Cleanup

We will rake and bag your leaves after they fall during the fall & winter months


​Call now  ​(225) 250-1099 for free quote

  • Winter
    Add a weed-preventing barrier to keep the grass edge clean. A supplemental barrier is built near any concrete surfaces to keep weeds out, especially crabgrass. You should also treat for current winter weeds at this time and budding areas receive a winter fertilizer.
  • Winter - Spring
    Granular fertilizers will give you an early spring green and help recover from the winter stresses. Now is a time to also receive treatment for crabgrass and pesky winter weeds.
  • Spring
    Continuing Granular fertilization will increase your grasses health. Additional controls for weeds and crabgrass should continue to be applied as they will become increasingly difficult to control
  • Spring - Summer
    Adding more fertilizer will maintain color and density, and to prepare for the harsh summer heat. You should also inspect for weeds and insect activity and treat accordingly because now is when the large weed and insect activity will begin.
  • Summer
    Lime should be applied to fescue lawns; granular fertilizers to bermuda and zoysia. Insects can be present at this time and need to be treated.
  • Summer - Fall
    You will now need to treat your for the summer stress and control fall-germinating weeds.
  • Fall
    Use a Granular fertilizers to promote root development which will help Fescue thicken and prepare Bermuda and Zoysia for winter dormancy. If you have treated for insects during the summer, you shouldn’t have much trouble with them now.
  • Fall - Winter
    Lime needs to be applied to bermuda and zoysia, and a winter formulated granular fertilizer to fescue. Be sure to treat broadleaf weeds where they remain to stop spread. This treatment can help determine how your yard will look next year.

Additional Services Provided

  • Raking & Bagging Leaves

  • Trimming Trees and Hedges

  • Pulling Weeds from Flower Beds

  • Tilling Planting and Transplanting

  • Cleaning Off Roofs & Clearing Gutters

  • Clear an Area of Overgrowth

  • Clear Off Fence Line

  • Remove Debris



Call us to learn more information about and how we can help with lawn maintenance service in the greater Baton Rouge area – 225-250-1099. Thank you for stopping by.

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