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Service & Maintenance

Proper lawn maintenance is crucial to the appeal of your home or property. However, a well groomed grass landscape is a lot of trouble which is why we are in business.

Our service is a cut above the rest in that our mission is to keep our clients happy long-term.

The standard grass cutting package includes:

  • Mowing

We cut your grass to specified length in a pattern that fits the lawn unless specified differently.

  • Line Trimming

We trim the lines at the proper angle to keep a clean looking edge

  • Edging

We shape all edges to look appealing

  • Blowing

We blow all clipping debris leaving all areas clean


Building lawn is a time consuming process and can easily be a failure if developed correctly.
We would like take care of this trouble for you by mixing and laying soil and plant your grass for you.

Our basic Lawn Building Package includes:

  • Land shaping the grass bed

This is building the dirt framework according to the landscape designs

  • Adding Soil

This is the mixing and laying fertilized soil compound

  • Laying sod or Seeding

laying all the grass, cutting the edges to fit with the other features or seeding and fertilizing.

  • Initial Fertilization

This is the next day water and fertilization to help the grass cope with the shock

  • Weekly water care

We will come back within a week to inspect the lawn to make sure it will grow properly.

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